Wednesday, May 15, 2013



It has been a while eh?! Since our last post we have tooted around the mid-west and have written a few new tunes and of course, continue to stir the pot.

The biggest bit thought is the Sub Pop 1000 comp that came out on Record Store Day. We are very honored to be considered in the same regard with the other great bands on that comp. We selected the song "Radio Eyes"  for the release and we have a wonderful video that was directed and filmed by our friends Zoie Omega and Philip Leaman of A Mean Gloam.Click here for more info on these total pros.

They truly went above and beyond and we are forever grateful for their help and vision. Thank you Philip and Zioe!! Here is the fruit of everyone's hard work!

The LP of the comp is available from Sub Pop here as well as our lil' shoppe that has a variety of other lil' goodies (shirts, Jazz Mind, Etc)

Look out  EU/UK we are coming your way in September,  Asia after that!!

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